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Thread: help help SOS SOS MAY DAY MAY DAY

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    help help SOS SOS MAY DAY MAY DAY

    i am the only member of my co op.....i completed 8 tasks in regatta how can i complete more tasks to get the chest?

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    It all depends in what league you are: Wood, Steel, Silver,Gold,etc. The higher the league the more tasks you can do which means more points so it will help you achieved more chests.The wooden leagues which is the smaller league allows you to do 7 tasks + and additional task if you pay 10 T-cash. If you do all 8 tasks with the maximum task point which is 135, the maximum points you can achieve is 1080.

    Unfortunately you will not get all the chests even in the gold league. I believe the game does this to encourage people to for part of a group in a co-op.

    For example, this week I raced alone in my co-op. We are in the golden league I did 15 task + the additional task (10T-cash) all of them 135 points , which was a maximum of 2160 points I was able to only get 5 chests out of the 9 chests available.

    If you want to achieve all 9 you should join a co-op where 5 or more people are racing.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi there... if you need a co-op with other players, feel free to join us. We are only three strong, but we are friendly, helpful, and try to do what we can in the regattas. We had been in another co-op that was full, but the other 27 were people who no longer played the game, so we formed our own and are trying to grow with current active players. Private message for details
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    Eliraven is correct. If you are racing solo then you will not get all the chests. Your league is also a factor. Please see the following links for more information on regattas:
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