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Thread: Regatta Tasks Amendment

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    Britb86, we find in Gold League, for us doing maximum tasks at 135 points generally keeps us in Gold, if we want to place though it does also become about speed, we generally finish by Friday and are normally top 5 or 6, but if you want to win this normally isn't quick enough.

    It really needs you to talk to your co-op and decide what your aims are, make sure you all want the same thing and are all happy to do the work needed to get there.

    Sorry AshleyK12 seem to have moved off your original question. But Eliraven is correct, you can prep tasks in advance to save time and always check the time allocated to a task before you take it.

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    Ya that's the problem they all claim to want it but they really don't seem to and when I try to give advice or talk about it gets me no where but thank you for taking time to talk to me

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