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Thread: Spending Earned Currency

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    Exclamation Spending Earned Currency

    How does one spend their earned currency? I click on the club and it states it is downloading 0%, try again later. How does this get fixed please!!! Or just how does it work? I am at my max amount and would like to take advantage of my hard work!

    Thank you!

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    Not sure but I guess you are talking about the tokens we earn doing regatta tasks and the Yacht Club.

    If the Yacht Club do not load, try shutting down your device completely. See if it will load when starting the game. Next step will be to uninstall the game and reinstall it.
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    Do you play on Windows Dryadia? If you do it's a problem that others have experienced too. If what Greylady suggested doesn't work I think you will have to contact customer support through your game and see if they can help you, though if you haven't done it before I should warn you - it's a slow process

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