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Thread: Colour Splash - I don't get it.

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    This was the first time I actually enjoyed an event. Cleared all goals and even earned points for 2 treasure chests all without spending Tcash.

    Oh, yeah, I ended up 5th in my "league". Had 3rd place with 6 hours left to go but timing just wasn't my friend. I needed sleep and those under neath me had been inactive all day but passed me while sleeping. It was still cool to see my name so far up on the leaderboard.

    Edit to say I also found that once I stopped clicking just anywhere to clear colors and actually paid attention to the little design on the blocks, I did much better. Once I started aiming to get the rockets and bombs, I did better. Hard levels were still mostly not completed but I just moved on.

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    Event.jpg I was in 4th place, not worth it to try for 3rd with that gap.

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    This game definitely had both skill and luck components, as many games do. Some levels could be won with strategy, some required brute force.

    I must admit that I don't really understand the haters. The only reward possible here is fun. That's as good as it ever gets. You have some fun. If these little add on games aren't fun for you, do something else. No big deal. What's to lose?

    In the big picture, it's no different than any other form of entertainment. Some things you're willing to pay for and some you're not and you are the one who decides.

    Seeing a movie in IMAX 3D is something I'm willing to spend money on. Power ups in a silly online game, not even a consideration. Either way, you decide what floats your boat.
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    So in the end my main account and baby account both placed first. I buy for both accounts but spent none on that event. I did however lose a lot of sleep keeping challengers at bay. I had to create a huge gap between us knowing I'd be at work when the event ended.

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    I loved this one and wish they would offer it as another game in the stores.

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