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After my big whinge I guess I better admit both my main and baby accounts are placing in this event. That said no skill is involved ... I just tap randomly and hope for the best.
I understand what you want to say. Color Splash is challanging. But saying no skill needed and tap random?
There are a few simple things you need to understand. Simply tapping cubes / blocks of the same colour for making room understands everybody I guess. Try to predict what happens next if you tap a row of the same coloured cubes. How can you be smarter than the game. Try to make smart choises to make your next move a winner.
When the game gets more difficult and lesser tries..... you have to try to bring 2 rockets next to each other. That will clear the horizontal and the vertical line in which the rockets are in the first place. If you want to clear a section of 3 rows vertical as well horizontal.... try to bring 1 bomb and one rocket next to eachother. Preferably in the spot where it hurts most (for the the cubes).
If you want to clear the whole field try to bring all bombs, rockets, arrows (fireworks) next to eachother. They will clear the field.
If there is #%$&* gumm in the field.... you have to tap faster.
And yes, a bit of luck everybody needs.