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Thread: Zoo - is it worth it?

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    Question Zoo - is it worth it?

    I am new to the game, only a month or so. I finally started looking on the forum for answers, hints, etc. From what I can gather there has been a change in the zoo. Some like the changes some seem not to.

    It seems like the orders are large (saw 6 rolls of foam for 1) and quite of few of these are long in making and long in getting the supplies to make them (such as 12 hrs for rubber before even processing). I just can't imagine many people wanting to help fill these orders for others when they have planes and trains to fill as well as making money on their own customer orders.

    Is it worth it/necessary having the zoo or something one can do without?

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    If I had known how it would turn out, I would not have started the zoo part of the game. Personally, I would say, don't bother o even start the zoo.

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    The zoo financially is not worth it at all. Also the experience points you gain are very low. The quantities and some of the products it asked (especially the ones that take a long time to make ) aren't worth it expending it on the zoo. You are actually underselling your products by a lot. That being said, I only fill the zoo orders for a regatta task when necessary as I tend to do it quickly by speeding up the additional 3 tasks required for the 135 points zoo tasks.

    You can totally play the game without filling zoo orders, or by ignoring the zoo altogether.

    The only thing I can think of maybe during reagatta, there might be some mystery taks which might end up being filling the zoo orders. But that you will be able to fulfill it quick.

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    Thanks for the input. I think i will hold off for now. I enjoy playing it just as it is without the added task of the zoo.

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    I'm don't know if zoo cards start showing up as prizes for events, regatta, in the House of Luck etc, as soon as you reach the level when you can open the zoo even if you haven't done so. You could probably check that by looking at the prizes in the current event - if zoo cards show up there you are going to find them everywhere from now on. But I believe that zoo tasks will show up in the regatta for you whether you've opened your zoo or not, and that includes the normal zoo task plus several seasonal ones such as mystery, simplified, relay and combination tasks, so if you are keen on the regatta, not opening it will put you at a slight disadvantage.

    I would say that if you've already started getting zoo cards, there's no harm in opening it - you don't have to build anything or fill any orders, you can just ignore it and it will sit doing nothing for months on end without any penalties Positives are you have the option of doing regatta tasks if you want, you can ask for help on easy orders to give friends and teammates a chance to get an easy clover, or ask for help on difficult orders in the hope that someone, someday, might just fill it, you can sometimes use the orders to get rid of surplus stock when your barn is overflowing, and you can dump any decorations you aren't using in your zoo if you run out of space in your town. Also, if you ever do decide to start building it, you will probably have all the animals already

    If you don't get zoo cards already from various sources, my advice would be don't open it, because as soon as you do, you will get cards from everywhere.

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    JJay, Windows users don't get zoo cards.

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    I hate the zoo. I pretty much ignore it. The quantities it needs are ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeelightCity View Post
    JJay, Windows users don't get zoo cards.
    The zoo cards were introduced in an update a few months ago for Android/kindle/iOS players, and the way the zoo worked totally changed. Because the Windows version is so far behind they haven't been introduced there yet, but you may eventually get them. Unfortunately many Windows players have a problem with their zoo in that it keeps disappearing and they have to rebuild it (see this thread : ) Its been going on for a couple of years now and Playrix seem either incapable of fixing it, or unwilling to fix it. Windows players have to make their own choice about whether they open their zoo, but I personally wouldn't touch it till Playrix did something about this problem.

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    I agree with the Zoo haters.

    If you read the Wiki on the Zoo, you will see that building it out will take tons of resources and do little to benefit your town.

    For example, building zoo enclosures will get you t-cash. But those same materials are also used to build Community buildings which also give you t-cash, but also give you more houses, more fields, more everything. The Zoo is a big investment for little in return.

    I started my Zoo, but I've stopped giving it anything.

    Zoo Wiki

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    I shut my zoo (meaning I totally ignore it) when they took the shops away. It is just an expensive decoration now.

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