I hope the new "Go for the Gold" event isn't replacing the "Deep Dive" event. I really liked the "Deep Dive" event and managed to beat it on several occasions. After trying "Go for the Gold" for the 1st time today, I wasn't impressed. Not sure how to play it even after reading the instructions several times. What is the significance of the sling shot, or whatever it is, at the start? You earn some gold bars and then it disappears. Does it reappear sometime during the event or only at the beginning? The instructions in the "Help" section said that there are 2 levels to get through. If you loose a game you must start all over again like in the "Deep Dive" event. As far as I can see, there is nothing showing you what level you are on, only where you stand in the Gold Bar winnings. Really don't like it! Give me back the "Deep Dive" event.