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Thread: Crazy amount of CO-OP join requests all of a sudden ??!??

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    Crazy amount of CO-OP join requests all of a sudden ??!??

    I've had a small CO-OP of 3 active and two not so active members for quite a while now (like 2 months give or take a few days) and was considering making it an open CO-OP instead of a request CO-OP just to get a few more members to get a few more chests in the regatta's. I had a request from one person on a level equal to my 2nd town (which is in the same CO-OP) once I accepted that person, it seems the flood gates were opened. I simply can't keep up with the requests. It's crazy!!! Like well over 60 requests in the last hour alone !!!

    What is going on? Is this normal?

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    Does this have something to do with the update we just received? I am getting requests from everywhere in the world from names in all different kinds of languages.

    I had to close the CO-OP to requests. There was 2 new requests every time I looked into one ......

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    I've never heard of such a thing before (though that certainly doesn't meant it hasn't happened). I'd be a bit creeped out, tbh, and would definitely close the co-op for now too.
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