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Thread: Switched positions on load buttons and ask for help

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    Please put the Ask for Help button back the way it was!!

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    Yes thank you, I've several neurological issues to contend with. I wish to thank you (feel the sarcasm)for making an enjoyable thing in my day very frustrating instead.

    Rule if it's not broke don't xxxxwith it

    If it's broke get a bigger hammer


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    I've already wasted 2 coupons because of this stupid change. I would really like to know the real reason of replacing these two buttons. Also, for the first place, there should be a confirmation before using the coupon.
    Other visual changes - to the worse. For me game looked better before the update.

    Well, there were many arrogant companies which did changes against their users. The biggest one was myspace - guess what happened to them after that

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    This has been profoundly irritating today. I also don't appreciate that the amount of things you have in storage is suddenly the smallest number. I'm much more interested in how many I already have than how much gold it takes to grow things. The print is much smaller too. Definitely seems a change for change sake and not well thought out, nor did it take into consideration that some who play this game are older and find reading the tiny numbers difficult. The old format was much better.

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    I accidentally asked for help not realizing the change, which also messed me up.
    Did they even give us a “Heads up” ? It is completely inconsiderate and rude

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    Switching the “load” and “ask for help” buttons is one of the most absurd changes Playrix has implemented lately and has absolutely zero expected result aside from bringing in revenue by tricking players. Totally and absolutely worthless, a waste of productivity on their part (could have been used towards other legitimate issues) and a move that shows rather shameful intent. Yes, players will play through it however the amount of t-cash skimmed as a consequence of said playing shouldn’t be seen as revenue coming from positive action.

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    Totally agree! I've been playing this game now for 5 years & was so used to the buttons being where they were. I have lost count of how many times since this unnecessary update I've hit the wrong button & asked for help.

    Please Devs, if you're listening/reading, reverse this change!

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    Just in case you didn't see it in the Update-announcement thread: Anna Petrova has replied re. this topic here.

    (I for one have replied with questions there, which I hope will get an answer there. )

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    Load/Help buttons

    Please change the buttons back to how they were before... I just accidentally bought something when I was only trying to ask for help! The zoo buttons are still the "right" way around, why did you even feel the need to change that?! 🤔🤔

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    Hi Devilishious, when we don't have coupons the buttons in the Town are the wrong way round,Anna who is admin on the forum has confirmed this is an error and will be fixed in the next update. You can see her post regarding this here.

    And welcome to the forum .

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