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Thread: Missing Town Cash

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    Missing Town Cash

    Don't buy Town Cash through Google or Playrix as if you do and the game updates you lose your Town Cash and Playrix won't refund your Town Cash or the US DOLLARS you paid to get the Town Cash. This is the second time I have lost more than 130 T-Cash, the first time I lost 360 and Playrix refuses to refund me. They want you to play and they say they don't make anything off purchases but they would not offer sales on Town Cash if they didn't make money.

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    This day, I loose all my cash (more than 40 Bucks) just at the beginning of the actual regatta. That stinks

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    I've had about 180 T-cash deleted. The first loss was only about 30 T-cash so I didn't contact support. The second time was about 150 and I've spent real money on it so I contacted support. Someone responded telling me to try updating the game or something but it did no good. Support closed the conversation without finding out whether their suggestion resolved the problem.

    That was a few months ago. Recently, I bought the dealer's services (with T-cash) for ten days but only got a few days before he was done. I messaged support and also mentioned that my first issue of missing T-cash was never resolved. Someone wrote back with a short list of T-cash purchases from the past week (useless) and a link to learn how to not accidentally spend T-cash. What??

    Again, support closed the conversation as if the problem was resolved -- though it wasn't even addressed! My purchases this past week have nothing to do with my missing T-cash from months ago and nothing was said about the problem I was asking about (being cheated on the dealer by getting less than half the days I bought).

    I've learned that buying T-cash with real money is risky. I guess if you're planning to buy something immediately with it, you'd likely not lose your purchase (though I've read off a lot of people being banned for cheating when they claim they haven't been so the chance of losing everything is still there), but the best deals come in large amounts, unfortunately.

    I enjoy the game so I didn't mind occasionally spending money on it but the customer support is atrocious in my experience so, unfortunately, you probably won't get that money restored in the game or refunded in any way. But some people might have been treated more considerately. I hope things work out for you.

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