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Thread: Why don't planes bring supplies?

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    Why don't planes bring supplies?

    Since ships and trains bring supplies, why don't the planes? My town is absolutely hamstrung by the lack of materials to build buildings and clear land. The amount of tcash needed to buy building materials and tools is insane, if you buy them for every building and tract of land you would end up paying more than $1000 for a full town. Is Playrix seriously THAT greedy? Come on guys!

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    You don't earn supplies every time a new plane arrives, but you DO earn rewards every time you SEND a fully loaded plane. You will receive one gem plus 2 other rewards, which very often includes building materials (brick, slab, glass), barn tools (hammer, paint, nail), or expansion tools (shovel, axe, saw). Plus Ingots, Mining Tools, T-cash, Coins, etc.

    This game requires patience. Keep sending out trains and planes and the tools you need will eventually accumulate. Work on upgrading your trains for time if you haven't done so already so that the trains return faster and you can collect materials more quickly.

    ETA: Rewards from the plane I just sent: 1 topaz, 2 shovels, 3 TNT
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