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Thread: 05.06 The Newest Update is LIVE

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    Latest upgrade (june, 2019) crop count

    When planting crops, the screen now show number you have in a very tiny font. I have to get a magnifying glass out to see how many i have left to use, if i’m gaming on my phone. Sometime even on my ipad. The old screen showed the count in a bigger, more visible display.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna Petrova View Post
    Ash, the team is aware of this situation, and they are working on a solution. However, some things might take longer to implement due to technical reasons. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding 🙏

    Anna, I think the problem here and the reason people are getting frustrated is not the amount of time it takes, but more the fact that while problems with font sizes and colours etc are being supposedly looked into, the developers are still making changes in the other direction, that make things harder for people with sight problems.

    Would it please be possible to ask for any more of these font changes the developers have planned to be put on hold while they look into a solution?


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    Anna - any news as to when Mac players can expect the update?????
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    I get it, switching byttosn to prevent spending coupons, I've had that error myself, but don't switch the order we are used to, put the coupon in a separate box, don't mess with our memorization of button orders for speed of implementation.

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    Not happy with update

    Most recent update had changed a number of things. The upload and ask for help buttons have changed position. A small thing but when you've been playing for a long time you are used to the settings and I hit the wrong one automatically. Also this update has changed the where the quantity number is when you hover over an item to see what you have. This number is now very small and makes it more difficult to see. I suggest changing these things back ASAP. I play for fun, not to have to reread things because of an update.

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    I also noticed that the heli ads no longer show every hour. I honestly miss the director as it's my way to earn coins and t-cash
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    As the developers will be aware because they're the programmers ... the order in which the load buttons appear are random. After the update when you accidentally hit the wrong button you think you've learned yr lesson and will remember the new order. But the order keeps changing and/or is different for different accounts. Stay weary people.

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    If I ignore problems with changed buttons and font size I'm quite happy with this update. Otters are lovely, shipyard nice designed and wolf enclose very beautiful (still collecting 500 bricks 😫). Also I like new house, which will be finished tomorrow.
    But please give as more extension in next update, not 2 or 3 but 20 or 30, doesn't matter where. I made nice city with streets, gardens and playgrounds around houses and now I struggle to add new things without destroying current design of the city.
    The same is in zoo, add 10 or more extensions.
    Also, for about a year I'm asking support team for Slovenian flag🇸🇮. The last answer was that is planned in future update, but somehow this update doesn't come.
    In general I love this game 🤗.

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    How soon is "soon" for the events, update for PC ?

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    Does anybody else have problems with the academy? Now it shows only the first possible upgradable factory, or none. Apart from this I found the new listing quite useful in the last update, showing all upgradable factories on top . Why was it changed again?
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