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Thread: 05.06 The Newest Update is LIVE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monaco View Post
    And I must add something else, I don't understand why playrix still isn't able to withdraw these wrong abbreviations for Hours in the German version. So many players pointed out that "S" means Second and "H" (from the Latin hora) would be the correct abbreviation for Hour, even in German. We all learned these abbreviations in thousands of maths lessons in school.
    And I'm still confused with this "S".


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    Quote Originally Posted by singzeon View Post
    Due to muscle memory, there were so many times that I've nearly used a coupon, when I wanted to ask for help instead. And as far as I know, there is still no confirmatory window or anything like that.
    Nearly? Lucky you! I'm surely going to lose all my coupons this way now. Even more aggravating when you want to flag your trains for some friend who is on a train crate task, but then sending them away instead. This button swap really needs some very good excuse to not go down in history as the most blatant attempt to just screw us over.

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    Another new change...they have revamped how event personal goals are displayed. Instead of being able to see all prizes on one screen, you now have to scroll between each personal goal reward stage....





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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy Purr View Post
    Kindle update is out!
    Hallelujah! Thanks Cathy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Hallelujah! Thanks Cathy
    Lol! Have fun!

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    I play from kindle and came on today fully prepared for colour splash yet there is no event. How long will this take? If everyone else already has new update does this mean I need to play catch up on event whenever it decides to update?

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    I can't find a Colour Splash event thread to ask : Is there a way of seeing how many blocks you've painted in the event kitchen without playing?
    I like to save up enough event ingredients to do one personal goal in one session.
    I seem to remember being able to see how many blocks/bait/fuel I had prepped in previous events.

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    I have just had Kindle update. Wasnt showing in Appstore, so I searched 'Amazon site and downloaded it from there.

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    Hi, guys!

    I'm happy to confirm that the update for the Amazon platform is out as well.
    Happy gaming, everyone!


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    I love the label swap on the buttons, makes it harder to accidently 'quick load'.

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