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Thread: Option in Community Buildings for Additional "Infrastructure" Items

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    Option in Community Buildings for Additional "Infrastructure" Items

    Most "real" towns do not have rocket rides, circuses, and many of the fanciful items offered as we advance levels of the game and increase population. Most towns DO have very real needs for more than one fire station, sheriff or police station, schools (of various levels), parks (which ARE available), medical clinics (not ONE SINGLE dentist, doctor or other health office is available - only the hospital).

    It would be wonderful if we had the options of choosing additional infrastructure/community building support structures prior to adding more homes/apartments that add population. This would also provide people with some food for thought about the real needs of a town, in addition to creating imaginary utopias. Although, having seen the way people squeeze apartments together (no roads, walkways, parks, open space), I wonder if they consider what it would be like to live in that environment. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

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    I totally agree! The ferris wheel etc struck me as very odd when I first started playing. I’d suggest keeping those types of things as decorations and/or special items available from regattas.
    Yeah, the way some people stack housing ... it makes it look like a storage area instead of a town.

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    Totally agree with you.
    I know I stack my apartments etc because I am still slowly expanding the space in my town but do not currently have room to place all the items. If the building tools we're easier to come by, then the process would go more smoothly and city planning could happen as I go. Otherwise, I just wait patiently and will do a full reorganization when I have the land and time.

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    Yes! Agree. I did not build the ferris wheel or roller coaster once I discovered the that building the community buildings is optional (I understand my population will not reach maximum as a result; it is a trade off). Our townies' teeth must be in very bad shape with no dentist and numerous sweet shops haha. I always appreciate seeing well-organized towns with buildings appropriately spaced! They're a rare sight.

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