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Thread: When does the 'day' start ???

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    When does the 'day' start ???

    So to unlock new profile images you have to complete tasks. For example, send 100 helicopter orders in one day. Does this mean a 24 hour period from when the first one was sent or an actual 24 hour period in a day like midnight to midnight.

    And if it is midnight to midnight, What time zone is this started in. It's gonna be different all over the world.

    Confused. Please help !!!!

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    It's a 24-hour period since you sent the first helicopter order, doesn't depend on time zones.
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    Dreadnought correct me if I'm wrong but one exception to that rule is the profile picture of sent 25 trains in 1 day. One day, I wanted to accomplish this profile (spend some t-cash on it) , but unfortunately my countdown went back to zero once it reached midnight 12 am

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    As far as I remember, „day“ for all achievements/profile pics means from midnight to midnight in the player‘s own time zone.
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