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Thread: Low Disk Space [merged]

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    Low disk space

    I haven't been able to get onto my game for 4 days now. It keeps saying low disk space but I have more than 72g available on my phone. I have Samsung s10+ if that helps. This is so frustrating that I can not get on... I've tried cleaning my phone memory up, deleting other apps and so on. Can anyone help please?

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    Same issue here with same phone. 355 GB free storage and 3.8 GB ram free

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    This seems to be too technical and specific an issue for the forum community to be much help with. I'd be very interested to hear what Support (or indeed Samsung) have come back to anybody with, though.

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    Hey, everyone!

    Sorry to hear that you have come across this issue. Kindly try restarting your device and reinstalling the game. Also please try installing any other app to check if there's a similar situation.
    If the problem persists and you observe no issues with other apps, please use this web form to contact our Customer Support team: They’ll be happy to sort things out for you

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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    Thought I tried this game and I'm having the same problem as everyone.

    I have a Samsung S10+ 1TB. There's plenty of RAM and storage but I'm getting the low disk space warning. Can't even load the game.

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    This problem occured for me on a samsung galaxy S10+, I fixed it by updating my device. Go into your device settings and check for software updates. I hope this helps someone

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