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    Angry Miserable Prizes

    I Play township every day. I´m on level 118, I always do all the tasks of 135pts (including extra), I´m the coop leader.

    The last few weeks we have been playing in a few members, then we got the 4th place last week..

    EVEN me doing only seasonal (multi-tasks and 17 yatch pt), look what I´ve got as prizes:

    2x Chests - 1 Nail
    1x Chest - 4 Bricks
    1x Chest - 5 Slabs
    1x Chest - 1 Golden Ingot
    1x Chest - 3 Cash

    Such a wonderful pack of prizes!! for who already has all the buildings done.. and is waiting for paints because I have 2x nails considering the demand..

    This standard has been presented to me since weeks ago.. but this time they got the top 1 of the parades!!!

    I wonder: How do we keep excited to move on for the next weeks?
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