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Thread: Level 193

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    Level 193

    Is there a way to beat level 193? I have been stuck on it for several days. Eveytime I think I have it beat I end up losing. For such a hard level there should be more moves. It’s hard to earn the number of coins in order to get extra moves. Maybe if you decrease the number of coins to get extra moves it would be possible to win the harder levels. If not that then add more moves.

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    I am well passed that level but whenever I got stuck I went online and checked UTube. If you haven't done that yet, try doing it. Enter Gardenscape level 193. It shows a way someone solved it. Good Luck.

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    To echo what was said.....yeah, YT is the place to go to see what others did. The caveat however is that the arrangement they show won't be the same when you try to play it. The fruit that comes down also won't be in the same order that is was when you previously played it.

    It really comes down to sheer luck a lot of times in this game. A couple suggestions...........let the game make the first move. In other words, let the game suggest what your first move should be than rather you making the move. Also, you can reset the game without making a move if you don't like the arrangement that it gives. I do this from time to time if I want my first move to make a bomb for instance. I looked at the video and with 35 moves to start, personally that to me is a lot!

    Yeah the game can be frustrating...............I'm waaaaaay up there at level 4293 as they just added new levels the other day. I gotta tell you get further along, they can be REAL TOUGH! There are some levels I know it took me a couple dozen times before I finally beat 'em and that's with no power boosters to start. Hope this helps!

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