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Thread: Final Sale Achievement

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    Final Sale Achievement

    Hi there:

    I'm kown online in gaming as the truthseeker, my town is named The City of Townsville (Android Phone) and I am at L 58, almost L 59 and currently have a Barn Capacity of 660 Maximum (and a lot of components needed until my 685 upgrade, but I digress.)

    (I'll skip the very long story of unwittingly trying to build too many Community Buildings simultaneously, finding out 16 levels ago to only build one at a time, and slowly but finally only have about two backlogged unbuilt, [one being the level behind my L58 max level built building but finishing up the construction materials however for the Rock Climbing wall] or Racetrack...especially when I had to make sure I had the contiguous land expansion available for that monster [and we're not going to discuss here the "is it random or needed when you get expansion items like saws on the train or in a chest,"...that debate can wait for another thread. And, I somehow held my temper and was patient for all four of my island discovery expansions I finished some time ago. ]

    But if my barn capacity is behind as well as any other progress, this for the "other" progress is why. The rest is just darn "random" barn materials [allotted mainly by train but sometimes by Plane or regatta chest/reward or exceptionally rare zoo reward which I will be willing to listen how to "influence"] which I tend to not keep more than 2x barn upgrade goal materials per material and sell any surplus at the moment if it ever gets that high which in a long time it has not [so if need 18 nails for the next upgrade, I would sell any surplus above 36]...and nails seem to be my enemy in regards to offered, but YRMV. Of course, I always update my barn ASAP when met.
    Long story short but it could have been much much longer, I'm finally able to focus on other things besides catching up to CM Buildings between the tasks/trains/plains/zoo/regatta/special events.)

    I've been playing for a few months and now I'm interested in finishing the Achievement "Impressive
    Efficiency" of which I just accomplished Level 3 of 4 and "Final Sale" of which I did 2 of 4. I'll list IE first then ask about FS.

    Impressive Efficiency:
    • I did gather as many materials as possible on the factory shelves or (if necessary) in my barn for the overnight loading of all available tasks and tended to not have too many tasks asking for a large number of items and go for a few items (unless a very high payout such as 1-2k cash worth the overnight load if pre-loading for a few tasks) or single tasks asking for a high number of single items instead of spreading those items over multiple tasks (or anticipated future tasks after turning current ones in.)
    • I understand the count does not start (after a lull of 30+ minutes from my last task,) until my first task is started.
    • I know visiting a friend and returning to my town resets the heli.
    • (So far I think I got 27 this last achievement, but I was going for the double coins boost maximum coins collected value at the beginning of the day, and wasn't trying to get the achievement then which I got III, so I could have had pre-loaded tasks that had fewer items needed in some task slots.)

    Should i just go for it with a small but worth it (like above 96 gold, haha) item tasks lined up and have the market near reset (in minutes just in case) for many tasks and a fully shelved factory of popular items (suggestions are always appreciated,) or do I need to tweak something not mentioned here or not mentioned here correctly?

    I actually feel pretty confident about that Achievement, but it's the next one i'm not sure the best way to proceed.

    Final Sale:

    This is the one where it seems to be straining my logistics and I'm hoping not to use a Spreadsheet. I'm not sure what my Barn capacity should be on this, if applicable, and how many of what I should have stored and/or I should have in the fields/on the factory shelves instead?

    It seems I might have to pause something or some things (like tasks/zoo items/plane and trains/community buildings for example) but not sure what likely should be given up or should not be stopped (if ever.) Since I have to do this one twice at least, I'd like to know how to set this up properly (or wait until I have more barn space if applicable) and not waste too much time doing this more than twice. I just can't figure out what is worth selling in a large batch or selling in a large money but smaller amount versus what would take a long time to regrow/remanufacture for all the other things the products would be needed for.

    If any of that is right in the first place.

    While not as bad as Community building materials being sold, i'd hate to sell something that is difficult to replace unless worth it.
    I tried looking up tips for final sale on here and other sites for the achievement tips, but fell flat.

    I tend to play a game and learn how it works for a while before regularly posting, and feel that after some months, I am at that place.
    So i'll be hopefully regularly contributing to the forums now. It is a pleasure meeting you all (and again for some of you, for the few posts I did earlier.)

    I AM,

    --the truthseeker

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    Final Sale IV

    Any suggestions for Final Sale IV? 30,000 in 30 min?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pcrody View Post
    Any suggestions for Final Sale IV? 30,000 in 30 min?
    I focused on this achievement at a time in the game when I didn't want building materials. Especially land expansions, I had completed all of my expansions so using these tools I was accumulating made short work of this achievement .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pcrody View Post
    Any suggestions for Final Sale IV? 30,000 in 30 min?
    I first started looking for items with the highest coin value when sold (based on my current level and available factories, of course). Amongst them, there were suit, canape, book and pineapple sorbet. Eventually, I decided to settle on canape. While canape is the lowest at 307 coins, it took the least time to produce (15 min!!). I did not want it to clog the production queue of whatever factory I was going to use, especially since we are unable to rearrange or delete items off our production queue. Hence, if I had new things to produce at the snack factory and canape was already in production, I only needed to wait for max 15 min, instead of 3 or more hours for the rest.

    Also, the rest all required materials that took more time to prepare. Granted, getting grapes and olives require a 7-hour ship journey, but I usually set them before I sleep so that I have a fresh batch to use every morning. Then, if I don't need the ships for other goods, I will set them off during the day as well. Cheese takes considerably short amount of time to make.

    It's worth pointing out of course that I'm doing this as and when I have no other goods to produce, so this in total may take much longer. I don't get that many olives anyway (unless I use ingots, which I don't), so I produce max 5 canapes per day. I plan to complete this by slowly producing canapes and selling them once they exceed 90+ (forgot exact number).
    Town level 53, 44 zoo animals

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