1. Hopefully I am in the right place.

2. I would just like to share some frustrations and ideas with you. Buildings, Factories & Enclosures having increasingly more expensive costs & building materials that are illusive & take forever to accumulate in order to complete construction, are exceedingly frustrating. Once you work your hiney off the buy the building, factory or enclosure, you wait days for construction, THEN have to collect materials to complete it?? For example, the two enclosure I currently have took weeks to earn coin to buy. Once purchased I/we then have to EVER SO SLOWLY begin waiting on material collection, in doing so it has taken so long I have collected 15 more animals! It feels futile, and discouraging and makes my critters sad being locked up.

It would be amazing if you’d make building materials more frequent or create a factory, (if you haven’t already & I’ve not advanced to yet), that makes items needed.[/B] With a REASONABLE amount required to make the items. It would also be quite helpful if the buildings, factories, enclosure & land development were a set price, across the board rather than continually increasing the amount needed as we advance. It still takes time to earn coin for these things. I know the game is set up to make you guys money (but you DO realize when people become too discouraged with progress they will just abandon the game, right). I have already spent hundreds of dollars and feel the high cost is truly unfair to those who don’t have that luxury.

Thanks for your time, I sincerely hope you will take these ideas into consideration.