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Thread: May 31st update is in the iOS AppStore

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    May 31st update is in the iOS AppStore

    I just saw the update but have not read it ..sorry for no info

    Two town expansions and one zoo.

    CB takes 2days 11hrs to build 55 Ts to bring on
    Otter takes 2days 10 hrs 56 Ts.
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    Scorekeeper..we got land ! Twos good right?

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    Thank you Bessville ..I was in to much of a hurry to get here lol

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    Best bit as far as I'm concerned...


    Off my husband's iPad, I'm on Android with 4 factories waiting for coins...

    ETA...really blurry picture sorry, factory cost decrease was actually correct. Italian restaurant for example now 450,000 coins.

    Thanks Playrix.
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    I'll close this thread now we have our usual one up too, just to save us repeating ourselves.. you can find it here.

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