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Thread: add "other" to decoration subcategories

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    add "other" to decoration subcategories

    I am in the process of redesigning my town: switching things around, adding more decorations, etc.

    I noticed that not every decoration falls into one (or more) of the subcategories, which means that you have to scroll through the whole catalogue to find certain things (the tea house for example).
    Would it be at all possible to add a new subcategory titled "other", where we can access these items more easily?

    As an alternative/additional idea, it would be great if we could bookmark decorations we want to implement later (once we have the money/space/design layout to incorparate them into our town).
    It would simplify planning design if we could catalogue the decorations we like and see them by themselves.
    Not sure if this can be done, just thought I'd put the idea out there.

    Anyway, thanks for a game I enjoy on a regular basis :-)

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    I wish the decorations were better organized, too. Having a way to categorize things would be great. Friends list included. Scrolling through hundreds of items or names is completely impractical. To make it even worse, there's no organization to it at all. They don't even group items from the same holidays together. My Halloween decorations, for instance, are split into 3 nonsensical groups. Same for Christmas and Easter decorations.

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