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Thread: Taking Far Too Long to get to the next Level

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    Taking Far Too Long to get to the next Level

    I have been playing for about a year now. It was fun to get to the different levels withing two to three days. Buying things with coins were easy and quick. However as I am going through the game it takes more money (purchased credits and gold coins collected) to get anything done. And now with the Tool Exchanger it takes even longer to get the necessary materials to finish construction projects.

    I have been stuck on level 64 for about three to four weeks. I wish you would change the game so it doesn't take a long time to reach the levels.

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    You're not kidding about things getting way more expensive the higher a level you get to. I wish they'd lower the gold coin cost of things at level 113. Not to mention the number of materials required for buildings.

    Lowering the xp needed for levels would make it seem like you're accomplishing more faster, which isn't a bad thing. Especially considering there are infinite levels in the game.

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    I think I'm at that stage where I've stopped thinking of leveling up as a good thing, lol. It takes me so long to get the coins needed for whatever I've unlocked that I'm super grateful when I see that nothings unlocking for a bit except what I already am saving up for.

    But I definitely agree with you and Bethany, the coin amounts and building materials needed to unlock more things are insane as you get higher in levels, and my barn is always at the brink of explosion lol.

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    It continues to be challenging no matter how long you play. Like Bethany I'm also on level 113 and if it was as easy as the game was in the beginning I would have lost interest a long time ago.

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    I agree with Lazyville.

    I am working on getting coins for the doll factory and at my next level unlock the kitchenware factory will be available. But I am finding that I will have the building materials needed for the next CB when it is available. It is just the matter of waiting for it to build (that is what really bugs me). Knowing what is needed (thanks to the wiki) is a big help. I do make getting the land expansions as soon as I have the materials needed. I like having room to move around.

    Also, I never opened my zoo so I am not dealing with those issues at the same time. At this time it doesn't interest me and I may never open it but I may change my mind.

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    I have been playing for 13 months and am level 148. My town is complete -- I wish they would stop adding things -- but I have 2 more enclosures to finish at the zoo, then will have more room in barn. Sending lots of helicopters levels you up quickly but depletes the manufactured good in your barn. I swear when I catch up to my sister, who has been playing 2 years, I am going to get some sleep. LOL

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    I disagree with the OP as I am definitely NOT in a hurry to level up! For me, the leveling seems to happen way too quickly!

    I need a minimum of one barn upgrade every level but ideally (and unrealistically) two or three barn upgrades per level to keep up with the influx of new products, increased construction building supplies and land expansion supplies, the complication of now having to store five not three building materials, etc. The trains purposefully don’t bring enough materials to upgrade the barn and near the end always bring way too much of that one barn item even if you sell it off (I have also tried keeping it; either way makes no difference).

    Special events that require the helicopter are a nightmare since they cause one to level quickly. I never touch helicopter orders unless it is a special event. I wish that instead of forcing us to choose train upgrades that give us more XP (please God no), we could choose between time and coins only and not be forced to choose XP every other train upgrade. Just let us pick any of the three upgrades that are best for us and don’t force XP on us.

    A higher level with a low barn makes for very un-fun play. Playrix should stop forcing us to choose more XP in upgrading trains, etc. We should be able to turn off XP during helicopter special events to keep us from leveling up.

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    Running a town aint easy after all

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