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Thread: 27.05 Name the Zoo Animals Contest

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    1. Polar bears
    2. Peacocks
    3. Porcupines

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    1. Polar Bears
    2. Peacocks
    3. Porcupines

    Building materials are a really good prize when my animals are wandering around the zoo without a home.
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    Polar bears


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    1 polar bears
    2 peacocks
    3 porcupines
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    Polar bears, peacocks and porcupines.


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    1. Polar Bears


    3. Porcupines

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    Hey, where'd my comment go? Mine was #7!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TownshipLove View Post
    Hey, where'd my comment go? Mine was #7!
    My magical mod privileges allow me to see that a) you deleted it yourself, Love, and b) to restore it for you. Which I have.

    ETA: ah, on further digging I can see what happened here. You posted your submission, and a moderator must have deleted one at the same time you deleted the other. Leaving no post at all. Not to worry, problem solved now anyway.
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    I think
    1 is polar bear
    2 is peacock
    3 is porcupine
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    1. Polar bears
    2. Peacocks
    3. Porcupines

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