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Thread: Has Town Ship Crashed?

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    Has Town Ship Crashed?

    For the past 24 hours I have helped 2 Friends normally it is around 20. I have asked for help which normally takes less than 2 hours now it is Taking up to 6 to 8 hours,, This only seems to have started since the latest up date. Another who is thinking of getting rid of this Game. It is a great game but lately there are so many Problems and bugs. I will see what Happens in the next few days.

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    What kind of help are you asking for? It might partially be due to the ongoing regatta season plus event. The trainfill help task makes getting train help easy, but I've seen my plane and zoo get less help, which makes sense if people are saving their goods for the event and tasks. I've also seen less people ask for help on trains because they want to fill as many tasks as possible.

    It could also be dependent on what you're asking help for. Zoo orders are notoriously difficult (9-10 difficult items at a time) and certain goods on planes can be hard to fill too.

    What device are you playing on? Maybe others facing the same issue can reply?

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    Paddy, I'm sorry that you're having that issue, it's got to be frustrating to have that aspect of the game slow down so drastically. It's doubtful that the servers crashed or people would be screaming bloody ... here on the forum. I play on the Mac platform and there hasn't been any change in help requests or responses. Have you contacted customer support? I agree with what Lazyville said and add that it was a long holiday weekend in the US so many players may have been too busy to play. I hope your issue is resolved soon. Good luck

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