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Thread: Tcash & Golden League questions

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    Tcash & Golden League questions

    I really struggled for coins and buying factories until i found the forum. Couple great tips i learned and use is the the double coins for heli orders booster , and decline heli orders for multiple items like 8 peaches , decline essay writers for hire orders , they come back every 30 minutes so more will come. I do not fill anything under 1000 now unless they only want one item. Without learning about theses tips under tips for new players I would never have been able to buy factories .
    How to grow your township cash? Also: I would like my co-op to play at Golden League. How can I achieve that? Thanks.
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    Hi DrPsyce,
    There are many ways you can grow your Township Cash, you can check out this page over on the Township Wiki for ideas. There is also some good information over on the Township Wiki about promoting your co-op to the Golden League and keeping it there!

    Hope This Helps,
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    Hi DrPsyche,

    You'll find a lot of helpful information in the sticky threads at the top of the New To Township and Coops and Regatta sub-forums. I'd particularly recommend the Tips thread, and the regatta guides you'll find here. You can also use the search function (see my signature) to find past posts on the subjects you're interested in.
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    In the beginning, it seems like you need coins and t-cash to make your town grow, but it's actually the other way around. The more you grow your town, the easier it is to make coins and t-cash.

    In other words, you need to grind away and the more you do that, the easier it all becomes. By "grind away" I mean keeping your fields and factories going all the time, keeping your barn full and selling off what you don't have room for.

    Don't forget that wheat grows faster than any other crop and is pure profit. When in doubt, grow wheat.

    Also, "Achievements" are a huge source of the elusive t-cash, which means that simply playing the game and growing your town is actually the best source of t-cash, short of buying it with real cash.

    Lastly, set your priorities. Personally, I play enough that I consider Raja and the double yield Lab booster for fields to be necessary to fun play, so I reserve my t-cash exclusively for maintaining those benefits.

    Raja can pretty more than pay for himself once you get to level 40 or so and the Mob Guy starts sending helicopter orders for bullion that pay t-cash. You can use Raja to get ore and then convert it to bullion. It's a way to indirectly turn coins into cash.

    Raja also makes completing train and plane orders much easier. I didn't realize when I first started playing, how much he adds to the game and makes it much less frustrating. Like I said, I wouldn't play without him.

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