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Thread: Yacht Club on Windows Platform

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    Yacht Club on Windows Platform

    Started playing during the end of March. Joined this forum beginning of April. In all this time, my Yacht Club items have not changed once! When I reached Level 19, I joined a co-op and raced with it for 2 regattas.

    Then started a new co-op, Defleet, with Fleetwood on April 3, 2019. We moved up ranks from wooden to gold and was in gold for all of the last regatta season.

    Previous to the past regatta season, there was a message to use up all of the points. I did, but then Yacht Club wasn't updated or replaced.

    I have purchased every tool and booster offered. I have also purchased two of the Trojan Horse and an Amphitheater. I'm not interested in the other decorations and I have enough regatta coins to purchase another Trojan Horse which I don't really want.

    My question is this -- Will the next season have an updated Yacht Club for Windows players? I'm praying the answer is yes.

    Also have problems with co-op chat. Player requests have disappeared without being filled. Some of the player chat cannot be read by all members. (This has happened multiple times. It's hard to give directions when players don't see it in chat! Since there is an hour wait between forum posts, I didn't want to wait to start a new thread to ask.


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    Hi Dee, here's a link to a post about this from our Admin.

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    Hi Deelightcity. Regarding your problems with chat, I was just wondering if all your members have got the latest update. It doesn't seem to have been announced here anywhere, but I've seen people speaking about a new Windows update in social media groups.

    I had no idea you had to wait an hour to start another thread, but you could put a post in this thread for Windows users :
    Maybe it would be seen by more people there.

    Anyway, hopefully with the new update you'll finally get new things in the yacht club and a different event. And hopefully Playrix will start putting more effort into the Windows version of the game so that this won't happen again.

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    Thank you both for the link.

    Unfortunately that thread doesn't address my concern over the Yacht Club. If it won't be updated, I don't want to race in the next season. I'm asking so that I know now whether I should opt out.

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