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Thread: Problem about buying T-cash and getting more Advert

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    Exclamation Problem about buying T-cash and getting more Advert

    I want to comments that it's not a good idea to stop or limit placement of advert in the helicopter order location whenever someone buys T- cash with credit card. It discouraged someone to buys t-cash knowing that the advert that is giving tcash will stop coming or reduce to the minimum. Each time I buys tcash with my credit card, I regret doing so and I feel something needs to be done fast so as not to discourage people from buying tcash.

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    I have seen some note that buying tcash via the piggy bank icon, doesn't affect the videos. Whether this is true for everyone I don't know. I am one of those who have bought tcash in the past, and not seen any difference in the videos that I receive.

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