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Thread: Can't transfer town to NEW device

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    Exclamation Can't transfer town to NEW device

    Hello I'm new here and I hope u can help me with those weird problem...
    Ok first thing is that I've playing this fun game a long time on my phone AND on Bluestacks platform with now problems... well maybe a little one sometimes with sync but that's ok.
    For some reason I stop playing that game and even delete it from both of my devices, until yesterday and here we comes
    After install it on my phone and connect with google and Facebook progress is there and everything is as before BUT after try the same on Bluestacks Well nothing happens the game just connected and no pop up window to confirm nothing . It's like I'm starting a new game no matter that I connected with both acc

    Yeah I know that I still play on my phone but on BS is way too better
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    Please see this post from our Playrix Admin regarding playing on emulators.
    As Township Moderators, we maintain the forum according to its rules. We are not Playrix Staff
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    hmm that's really bad news.... If I remember correct last time I was playing on BS version I've trying on version 4 maybe this the problem Anyways thanks for quick answer

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