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Thread: Not loading

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    Not loading

    On my MacBook Pro, OS Mojave, FB Games. I hit play now and a NEW black screen (Made with Unity) comes up. Then the Loading screen (2 times larger than normal) comes up and nothing loads.

    Also, there is no Forum details below the loading screen, so I was unable to report the bug.

    Did you change programs?

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    Amber i am getting the same problem - did you get a solution?

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    same problem here

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    Same with me, loading progress bar never moves, nothing happens!! I play on Facebook, not their game app thing, regular Facebook. I posted twice on the Facebook Gardenscapes Community page that it would not load and so have others
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    Same here on Facebook gameroom.

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    same problem here

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    I had 15 minutes to play this morning. It wasn't finished loading when I left.

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