I have played this game for over 2 years now and I have no idea why I continue to play it. It was a lot of fun at first and there were different strategies that I could use to solve the puzzles. But now I am at level 4238 and I am finding that there are no longer any strategies that can be used. Someone else had mentioned that if you have the patience and keep playing you will eventually win. This is the case but not very often. I am finding that even after playing for quite a long time I will eventually need to use my boosters. But when I do I still end up needing just one or two more moves to win--imagine that--so then I have to use my coins. So what is the sense in playing if you can't use your mind to win the the games. If all I need to do is just keep using boosters and throwing coins at it, where's the fun in that. Also I'm at the part where they are starting to plan the wedding. But wait. We need to get the island all fixed up first but you no sooner get that fixed up and you need to get the other Island fixed up and once that island is fixed up you need to get the next Island fixed up. So don't plan on having any wedding soon. It is going to be a long time before Alex and Jason will be getting married.