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    Nice one Rocky, looks good!

    and fingers crossed eh, Virginia
    Forever living in hope lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virginia_Gardens View Post
    That’s an excellent idea Pink! You’re so right I would be much more inclined to buy repeat decorations with a little bit of variance.

    Also, Rocky I really love the way you’ve mixed and matched your food related decorations and your factories and I may just have to “burrow” this idea to some degree or another. At first I really wasn’t fond of the giant blender but seeing the actually size and the way you’ve melded it with your beverage factory I think I won’t mind having it after all.... now I just need to get the darn beverage factory I’ve been trying to save up for, for months!
    Thank you Virginia, always nice to be of (inspirational) help.
    And with a little more view to your final goal you will get there, I am sure!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pink View Post
    Nice one Rocky, looks good!

    and fingers crossed eh, Virginia
    Thank you, Pink
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    So why am I not seeing the event, nor are the others who are in the co-op.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primmrosesue View Post
    So why am I not seeing the event, nor are the others who are in the co-op.
    Hi Primmrose. What platform are you playing on? This event is currently on the ios/android/kindle version.

    ETA I see your comment here indicates you are on mac, and you now know it isn't available on Mac at the moment.
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    It does look rather nice next to your beverage factory. Mine doesn't have extra room, and I'm not sure where else it would look "normal" in my town.
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