Listen. I get that Austin and his family are rich and must live in a complete state of comfort (God forbid a pillow be out of place!) but many of these tasks are redundant and pointless to say the least. For instance, I’m STILL in the garage and not only have I installed a seating area on the second floor landing but I’ve also installed a “comfortable” couch for dad to sit on while he reads his magazines and installed “comfortable” patio furniture OUTSIDE of the garage for mom. Now, you mean to tell me that I have to install ANOTHER bench outside of the garage so someone can sit and wait “comfortably” for the delivery of a car part?! These pointless tasks is what gonna make me delete this game and give it a one star rating. It’s completely annoying. I don’t know of anyone who would waste their time or money doing some of the tasks the people in this game do! Maybe these are just rich folk problems or the problems of those who are extremely bored with life! Get a focus group and get rid of these pointless tasks, please!