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Thread: Can't report lost zoo

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    Can't report lost zoo

    My zoo has semi-disappeared again. My buildings and decorations have gone and my animal enclosures are all shoved into one corner of the zoo. My issue is that I can't use the report an issue button any more and when I go into the help section and hit contact us and fill out a form with the issue and my details there I get an email saying that they need more technical details and to fill out the contact us form within the game which I have already done. I have told them this but no response. So frustrating. I would have though the update would have fixed this bug!!!

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    I have answered you in your other thread:

    Assuming here now, that you did report from ingame, and did tell them already that you did I would try to PM Anna Petrova and ask her for help.

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    i am also struggling with the same issue as everything keeps disappearing

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    Me also, my Café, Cinema & Burger restaurant have ALL disappeared

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    I also have the same problem, if you contact them do they actually help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shannon 2 View Post
    I also have the same problem, if you contact them do they actually help?
    Yes, they do! Have a look at this main thread on the topic to find players describing how they resolved their issue with help from Support (though unfortunately it did recur for some).
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