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Thread: Coop Player Level Differences?

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    Question Coop Player Level Differences?

    This is a super specific question, but my coop currently has somewhat high level members who are at level 60-100. One of our friends has just started playing and is at level 24, who also wants to join our coop in the future.

    Do any of you guys have any recommendations for the level she should join at? I was thinking at 50 or 55 she would have a considerable amount of the major things unlocked (zoo, islands, mine, all 3 trains, all 4 boats, animal sheds, etc).

    Is this doable, or are we star-crossed coop members for eternity, haha?

    I'm just worried a lot of tasks will be greyed out for her when she races.

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    Hello Lazyville,

    my coop was in level 40-60, when a friend, who had to start from scratch, reachd level 19 and joined us. Her misery was that she couldn’t help the higher level players in most cases, because she couldn’t yet produce many kinds of goods, but she never complained about not enough tasks to choose from. I suppose the algorithm provides tasks for all levels of racing players.

    Hope this helps you

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    I was in this position with a co-op a while ago. We did get quite a few lower level tasks that our lower level member could do. Seemed to be more low level crop tasks, feed tasks, animal products etc...always plenty of planes and trains. Some may take a low level player a bit longer, but should be doable. So I guess one thing to consider is how quickly your co-op expects people to finish the regatta.

    I will say though, one issue we had was 1 or 2 high level players taking the easy low level tasks. So communication and understanding of who can do what would be important to stop it causing any bad feeling.

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    I agree with Ashdust. It depends on what your co-op expects and how competitively it races. My mini town started racing either solo, or in a two-person co-op with my big town, at around level 30. When it raced with big town a couple of tasks were greyed out, but there were always tasks on the board which it could do. And there were more easy crop and production tasks than my big town would ever get if it were racing alone. (And obviously because the only "other" person in the co-op was me, there wasn't a problem with sharing out the tasks )

    My mini town took longer to do some tasks because of course trains and islands weren't upgraded, it didn't have all of the animals so feed tasks were a bit slower etc, but it could do planes, HoL, and mining tasks just the same as the big town. And one of the seasonal tasks - the one where you have to earn x amount of coins - was far easier for the small town because the number of coins was so low.

    So if speed isn't that important to you I don't think having a lower level player would be a disadvantage.

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    It’s a good thing because those easier tasks are available to everyone in the coop. In the interest of fairness I’d perhaps make a rule that people at higher levels should be respectful when picking a task so the new person has a chance.

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    Thanks everyone for your speedy replies I think we're going to wait till she can at least unlock all the islands and maybe level up a bit more. We could definitely add her now, but our coop is a bit like hyenas when it comes to grabbing some of the faster tasks like HOL or grow, so it might cause a bit of tension if we add her so soon. For now, she's trying out her first few races and getting the hang of prepping ahead and figuring out her play style, but it may not take that long at all

    I love checking in on her town, haha, I forgot how fast young towns grow!

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