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Thread: Shortcut button to open the Barn

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    Shortcut button to open the Barn

    I would like to see a button on the main interface that opens the Barn, like the ones for the Airport and Heliport. Ideally, it would also show the current capacity numbers. This would save a lot of scrolling back and forth.

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    I don't know if this possible?

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    It probably would be possible, but so far, all extra buttons are on the list of ideas that the Devs have ruled out.
    You can check it here:

    and for the "show numbers from barn" (and other displays) you might also have a look at the Frequently Suggested Ideas-list here:

    which contains changes that many players have been wishing/hoping for.
    Maybe support for these will reach something/someone, some day.

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    Thank you, this helps me

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    Glad to hear it; yw.

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