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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethany Clarke View Post
    3 otter boxes?!
    Bangs head on keyboard
    How is your head today?

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnolia Township View Post
    I think all 3 are in the same 2x2 space though...right?
    That is right!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bethany Clarke View Post
    I'm confused then. Are there 3 otter boxes like there are 3 cow sheds and 3 chicken coops? Since you have to buy them separate, I figured that's what we're talking about. Or are you saying you have to buy the otters themselves but not separate boxes? All the otters are in the same box?
    Nevada made it clear here
    With the Duck Feeder you lure ducks around their feathers, then you lure new ducks. There is a difference wikt the Sea Otters.
    You train them to pop up goods from the sea. They will receive a reward in advance.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elvengirl View Post
    Does anybody know: Can otters live in seawater? Or is it unrealistic to put them in a free space next to the beach?
    You are the mayor of your town so you rule
    But placement on Salt water is a pre for these cuties.

    ETA: Anyone of our testers noticed that there is a new Zoo expansion on schedule too?
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