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oh my... a robot animal as deco, another HUGE house, and another ugly machine as CB...

thanks, Nevada, and I really mean it, as then expectations don't get too high.
That Mechanic Giraffe reminds me of a Dutch Child song.
And with a little help of Google it sounds like this:

Hey, Giraffe, said Dikkertje Dap,
May I not even go with you
sneak off your neck?
Just for a joke,
do you think the ground of Artis
if I come down, is very hard?
Go on, the giraffe said,
step on and slide off.

Dikkertje Dap climbed down the stairs
with a creepy big step.
On the neck of the giraffe
Dikkertje Dap dropped off,
ruddy he slipped with speed
up to the tassel of the tail.
Au !!
Goodbye, Giraffe, said Dikkertje Dap.
Tomorrow I will come back here with the stairs.