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Thread: Huawei tablet and Township updates 🤔

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    Huawei tablet and Township updates 🤔

    Hello all 😊
    I play Township on an Android tablet from Huawei and I'm now wondering if I will still receive game updates in the Play Store... (since Huawei has been blacklisted by the USA and Google has therefore suspended its business relations with the Chinese company). Does anyone else share my concerns? Does anyone have any insight on this subject? 🤔🤔🤔
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    I also play on a Huawei tablet, which I bought myself for Christmas. Listening to the news and doing a little research, it seems that currently active phones and tablets will be OK. The problems will be with new devices following the next Android release later in the year - android 10 Q. I'm running android 8 Oreo.
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    I think that's a great question, but probably one you'd need to put to the Play Store. Playrix just makes their app available to the different platforms. Who has access to it from there is up to the owner of that platform - in this case, Google.
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    I'm not sure whether this link will work for everyone. If it doesn't, basically it says that existing devices will have access to any Google services except for security updates, which may be delayed. New devices won't have access to Google services including Playstore.

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    Thank you all. After researching and reading a lot more, I gathered as much; I'm hoping that's the case.
    By posting here, I wasn't asking Playrix. I was addressing the game players that could have some useful info. This is a player forum, after all.

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