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Thread: What is up with the chest things?!

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    What is up with the chest things?!

    So, i paid the $2.99 to buy the chest as it was full and i didn’t want to throw away so many coins - but now it is saying i have to pay the 2.99 AGAIN to get what is in the chest...why is that?! Is it bc i “went up a level chest-wise?” Or do you seriously have to pay EVERY TIME it gets full!? Because THAT would be absolutely ridiculous...just a way to make money, clearly...and games shouldn’t be about that so much.

    I can see throwing in some options to want to make money, but not that...once you’ve paid for the damn thing it should be done and over with. Anyone have any insight on this chest thing? 😠🧐

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    Yes, you have to pay every time you want to collect the full chest of 5000 coin, and it costs $2.99 (plus tax). You don't have to collect it unless you want to, it'll stay full until you want to buy it. If you're going to be purchasing coin anyway, it is a better deal. if you bought 1000 coin 5 times, you'd spend 5 x $0.99 or $4.95, and here you're getting 5000 coin for only $2.99., so you're saving about $2. Or, three chests of 5000 for $9, as opposed to 12000 coin for $10, so that's still a better deal. but yes, you get nickel & dime'd to death having to purchase coin and powerups to be able to get thru the game.

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