I was just chatting to _DD_ in another thread about playing Township in different languages and was wondering if anyone who races in a co-op which uses a language which isn't their native one (which must be a lot of players seeing as the game doesn't include that many) has ever been confused by something which was written in chat, or have there been any funny misunderstandings due to language differences? Are there some items/products which have completely different names in your language, or are translated strangely? Or do you use other names for products in your mind, rather than the ones used in the game?

For example, I speak British English and a lot of the products in the game have (what I guess are) American English names. I usually race solo so it doesn't matter to me, but in the past I've confused other players by saying I'm making jumpers instead of sweaters, or anoraks instead of parkas and lollies instead of popsicles. And I always bring prawns from Fisherman's Isle, never shrimp(s)

And what are coney dogs and eskimo pies??? In British English coney is an old word for rabbit. In the French version of the game it's called "sandwich à la saucisse" or sausage sandwich, and in Spanish, hot dog with meat sauce, which probably(?) sounds like the best description. The eskimo pie I would probably call a choc ice - what do other people name it?

Anyway, if you have any stories or questions about the game in various languages, please share - I'd love to hear them