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Thread: Dinosaur exhibit is stuck

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    Exclamation Dinosaur exhibit is stuck

    The dinosaur exhibit does not respond. I have all the inventory to buy a dinosaur and it will not respond to any touches. The X to close doesn't work nor the question mark.

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    Not sure if it will work: but try and put it back in storage and then log out of your game, clear your game cache, log back in, then...take the exhibit back out of storage and see if it works.

    If you can't get it moved to storage...just log out and try the cache clearing.

    If that didn't do it try to uninstall/reinstall you game....clear system cache after uninstall and before reinstall. Make sure your game is conected to facebook to help save your progress. If you don't, be sure to take screenshot(s) of your totals.

    All else fails...take screenshots of the issue and file an in-game support ticket.
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