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Thread: Chat with friends

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    Chat with friends

    I hope that there's a way to chat with your friend in the game privately

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    hi Jina Chua, and welcome to the forum

    You can chat privately with a friend, if you're both in the same (and for the moment closed) Coop. Note, though, that every newcomer to the Coop could read back in Chat; I guess up to the usual amount of 99 msgs that the Chat can hold, before they scroll.

    Other than that, the Devs have ruled out any form of private messaging in their Won't happen-list:

    hence many players use the means outside of the game, like Messenger, Line, private fora, Email -- and IMO a good idea, cos Playrix won't use up their time to create / implement things into the game that exist already elsewhere en masse. I imagine it would not be an easy process.

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