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    solo sailors

    I just started regatta, having discovered that others are sailing solo, perhaps to avoid being told "only 135 point tasks are acceptable." My strategy is pretty laid back, so I do what I want.
    Question for other solos: do you feel you should be allowed to do more tasks because you have no one else working with you?
    We are limited to 10 tasks. Even if we could do all 135s, we still can't collect very many chests. Coops with more members can score more points. If we are racing "equals", solos at similar experience levels without reference to accumulated t cash, should we not have the opportunity to do more tasks, earn more chests?
    I'm in it for fun, but I run out of things to do early on.
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    The number of tasks and chests are related first to the league you are on. In Gold, we can do 15+1 tasks.

    To win the maximum of chests in each league we have to be part of a co-op with a minimum of 4 players participating in the regatta. A way to invite players to create a real co-op. We are allowed to play solo but there is a penalty for that.
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    I’m a solo player. That’s my choice so not getting help from other coop members doesn’t bother me. I try to help others with their zoo, planes and trains though. Somehow I always end up in the gold league anyway! So I have the 15 tasks. And I dump constantly as well.
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