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    Missing Task

    Hi, I thought that my last task was done and decided to check on the game. I was surprised to find one left to do!! It was real luck when an HOL appeared and I finished it immediately only to find it was gone. I only have 13 tasks to complete and now I need to redo the last one. Concerned, Ann

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    I think one of two things probably happened - either someone else claimed the task at the same moment you did and you never actually had it at all (easily not noticed when it's such a quick task - I've done it before myself), or your connection wasn't great at the time so your progress never reached the server.

    You could contact Support about it, of course, but in either of the circumstances above they'll only be able to see what you see now - that the task was never taken.
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    Hi Bessville, at the moment I am the only member of the co-op so, no one else took the task. Oddly enough, another hol posted to the board right after, and I could finish that in time. It may have been a lost connection as you say or a hiccup. Thank you, Ann

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