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    Hi guys, I've bought a new kindle and am still using my old one until I know how to migrate my games n info...I don't want to lose anything! As I'm not a member of Facebook, n don't use Google play, what should I do in prep to be!

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    Hey hbv, kindle is usually pretty straight forward when going from one kindle to another if you are using the same Amazon account. Once your new kindle is registered to your Amazon account it should pick up your existing town. At least that is my experience as I don't have FB either .
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    Hi Downton n Thanks ... I downloaded Township app, in trepidation I pressed open n Boom...there was my town waiting for me ..f.fantastic ) not completed yet...migrating files, pdfs photos etc bit of a pain, only seems to take 1 at a time...could take forever. Hey ho, it's my first changeover, I'm so rubbish at that stuff ... I swear a 6 yr old could lose me!!

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