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Thread: The 'Free Game' debate.

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    The 'Free Game' debate.

    A comment on another thread got me thinking...

    There's a longevid argument about these games I'd like to attempt to put to bed once and for all.

    People who play for free often argue till the cows come home that the game is free. Only a few of this lot realise the game isn't free and that they're just playing for free. Most don't seem to know the difference and some have the audacity to think those who do pay are mugs.

    What they don't understand is - if no-one paid they wouldn't have a game to play.

    So instead of saying, "it's a free game", and bragging about it ... How about admitting the truth ... it's a free ride.

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    TBH Raine you just sound annoyed that some people get to enjoy the game without spending money. There really isn't much to debate, for some players it is a free game and for others it isn't. Those who don't or can't afford to spend real money are willing to miss out on certain things that those who are happy to and can afford to can enjoy. No one argues that Playrix need to make money from the game, but unlike some other supposedly free games Township really can be played for free by a large amount of players if they want to. And yes the game wouldn't exist without paying players, fortunately there is enough players out there willing to do this.

    As I said in my other post a lot of non paying players support Township watching vids as well. Also as I said the argument is more that Township truly can be played for free (not that it is a free non profit game) by a large group of people, as long as it stays popular and entice's enough spenders.

    ETA See here and here for the other posts I am referring to .
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    You're only half right Downton. People who play for free don't bother me at all. It's a valid option. What gets up my nose is those who come on these forums bragging about not paying and trying to tout the line it's a free game. It's not, it costs someone, somewhere. Getting a free ride does not mean it's a free game.

    And yes I understand some can't afford to pay or won't pay. But it's misleading to say it's free. You might know and acknowledge it's not really free but most don't.

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    And Re: "Supposedly free", games. Please don't kid yourself this isn't one of them. I've scoped this forum out and know you're balanced in you're opinions but you're skewed to the devs - a lot of games are actually free and cost nothing to play continually. Those are the games I especially like to support.

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    AFAIK, almost all "free" mobile games feature in-app purchasing, which is just a fancy way of saying the game is designed to encourage people to spend money. It's how the game companies make their money here; the free download is mostly just to get you hooked. For this reason, I don't really consider these types of games truly free.

    Sure, some people play app games without spending money, though I don't believe everyone that claims this. The majority, however, will spend at least some money on them. It's why these games actually work - because people are spending money.

    Again, the key here is balance and some games are far superior to others in this regard. Township was a lot more "free play" friendly before the introduction of regattas and event competitions, for instance. Even so, Township still remains one of the better free to download games out there, imo. I don't spend nearly as much money on Township as I have some other games I've played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raine Logan View Post
    And Re: "Supposedly free", games. Please don't kid yourself this isn't one of them. I've scoped this forum out and know you're balanced in you're opinions but you're skewed to the devs - a lot of games are actually free and cost nothing to play continually. Those are the games I especially like to support.
    I'd like to get your definition of "support" since you use it in the context of actually free games. Moral Support? Maybe a kind word on their forum?

    Now I know there is a thing called the "Free Software Foundation" where, for the love of the craft, people contribute their works with the understanding that it can be distributed and used totally free. I've even contributed to it. Folks who contribute there do receive a certain level of "support", usually in the form of praise and/or encouragement. But that's not how I made my living in software.

    There are many games worthy of long term play, games with complexity and enough variations on how to play to keep one interested for months or years. But almost none of them are totally free, or at least don't require the kind of "support" as I would define it, Monetary Support. Most are supported by some sort of advertising and any person not willing to part with real money spends their valuable time watching ads instead. However, most derive their most income from Monetizing the game play (See my post on the subject), as Yogurt from Spaceballs said, "That's where the real money from the movie is made".

    What we have with Township is something that is extremely generous in how you get the game currency (T-Cash) for free. Not only can you absolutely play the game for as long as you want without requiring any T-Cash if you are patient enough but you can accumulate a small pile of it during normal "free" gameplay, enough to satisfy the desire to push the "Instant Gratification" button (speed up) or buy that special decoration. Below is something I posted on how many ways there are to get free T-Cash.

    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    Awhile ago I put together 2 posts about how I accumulated free T-Cash during the game.

    One was a 10 day period (length of time for hiring Raja)

    One was a 60 day period covering multiple regattas and events

    I hope these give you some ideas as to where to find free t-cash
    Now when folks come to the forum to mention or complain about how much real money they've been forced to spend or how much T-Cash it takes to win a regatta or to finish at the top of an event, the response if often that they are not really forced to spend either to play the game and that is the spirit in which the claim that the game is "free" is offered. Sometimes it's to encourage people to re-evaluate why they are spending since the prizes won are usually not worth the expenditures. Sometimes it's not very diplomatically expressed.

    A lot of folks, myself included, find value in their special offers that include unique decorations and that is where I'm willing to provide some "Monetary Support", I am getting something in return and they are getting a few dollars to encourage continued development of a game I enjoy. I consider it the equivalent of buying a PS4 game every now and again and I'm OK with that.

    But the unique thing here is how easy it is to play the game completely free, with patience or with the numerous ways the game rewards you with T-Cash. Some folks seem not appreciate the uniqueness of this in the mobile gaming world.

    Sorry, this got longer than I expected. Hope I didn't end up getting up your nose
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    My definition of "support" is any game I pay to play regardless of whether I need to or not. I pay for games just because I'm enjoying them regardless. Ironically it's the games I expect the least from that deliver the most. Go figure.

    After this you lost me. No where have I mentioned being forced to pay. The thread is about whether these games are free and I stand by my original post. They're not free. People who play for free should understand that.

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    The 'Time' unit is what is players spent most on free play. And "Money" is a concentrated amount of "Time" to speed things up in such a game, to trade it for the "Time" it takes to get there. Watching add vids is a way of spending 'Time' and let the Dev's earn money for it.
    Township as many other games gives you the opportunity to spend real money but it never asked me to take my wallet...

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    I don’t know who the quote is attributed to, but what comes to my mind is “if you’re not the customer, you’re the product.”

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    Very interesting comments and opinions here, and certainly have been many discussions on this in the past. As a previous "big spender" of this game, and mind you I don't regret a dime I ever spent, it indeed can be played free, if your idea of "free" is "monetary." In my case, I did some adjusting to my "attitude" as to how I was going to game. How far was I willing to continue to go to get what I wanted quick and easy, instead of taking the slow-turtle route. Could I live without every flashy great deco that came my way? The "verdict" is still out on that one LOL, put a Water Fountain up and I'll fold "like a dollar bill" every time . I have made a pile of TCash from HOL alone. IMHO, helping friends and getting clovers is definitely one of the "famous" key strategies to playing free. However, having said this, I think it has became somewhat easier for me as an older player to play free. My barn is huge, tons of products, got the "tee-shirt," and just wait for updates. I even went a month without hiring The Dealer recently. At first I thought surely I would just "pass out and faint," I mean after all, for 3 years he has been my greatest source of getting things quick, but I survived. I'm back on him now though, cause he kept screaming at me with massive deals to hire him, so finally I gave in, and I swear he winked at me LOL. Anyway, in the final analogy, it is everyone's right to "pay play" or not and just "game" the way they see fit. Happy Gaming to all, whether you are paying (Playrix appreciate's your support), or not (Playrix appreciate's your support). Cheers, Kim

    AND PS: Cdosr, the quote from Yogurt... Hilarious! Shows our age I guess though, the youngsters are saying "Spaceballs"? LOL
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