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Thread: Beta test time penalty

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    Change the jumps but do not remove them. the game has become boring and if you remove one of the few pleasant aspects it is useless to continue this game

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    I really think if you charge us 1 dollar for accessing hopping, even with the modification of the rewards, everyone will win and I would definitely pay 1 dollar for this since I know you must get money out of this game.
    Please, give it a tought and also join this hopping fun you created Playrix!
    1 buck for every hopper out there, every 4 weeks, sounds like a good deal!

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    I really hope that Playrix won't spoil what is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game for many players. Hopping has given Township a unique distinction among online games in that it has allowed so many players to come together and create a real community. If allowed to continue it would mean continued interest and participation for many long term players for whom the game was becoming stagnant, and create good publicity on various social media and appstore websites to entice new players.

    Like many I have seen the answer Playrix gave to people who queried the reduced co-op goal prizes during the last interseasonal regatta, ie. that it was done in response to appeals from other players who felt hopping was unfair, even though Playrix themselves stated that it wasn't against their rules.


    I can understand why they took the action they did, but I now hope that they will also listen to the appeals of players who view hopping as one of their main reasons for continuing to play the game.

    Surely a compromise can be reached somehow, rather than completely ruining Township for so many people. Reduce the prizes if necessary, but don't take away social interaction, one of the major selling points of the game, not only for people who hop, but also for others, like Kitty4715 above, who would be penalised for no reason.

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    People are the best part of the game for me. When hopping I get to talk to friends and meet many new ones, which I really love. I even visit other coops the day between races to talk with friends. It’s proposed restrictions would kill all of that. I’d be willing to pay a dollar to continue to do so. There are so many hoppers I know they’d have a big backlash if they tried to end it. The original poster’s ideas are an excellent alternative for the developers.

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    How about limiting the number of guest in each hop. 30 x rewards are more than say 10 x. This will still keep people interested. Also push more to create hop coops. My township has all the zoo enclosures, all the factories, all the buildings, all the puzzle stuff. Hopping is all I have to look forward to besides helping others, making friends and re decorating my town.
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    I have only been hopping a short while, and it has been wonderful to connect with new fri around the world AND reconnect with old friends in coops I’ve played in and moved on. And I spent Tcash. Lots of it.

    This new decreasing the rewards, and now penal for hopping, my enthusiasm for the game has crashed. I regularly pay $70 for a new influx of 400 tcash. That ends now. When I run out of the current case, I will not give Playrix any more money. Try to make MORE money by taking the thrill and delight out of it? Seems like the wrong way to go. Maybe others will come along and spend money on the hollow game, but those of us who knew the thrill of it as it once was will not.

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    I agree with the previous speaker to 100%.

    Hopping has made Township a unique game within the TS-game as so many players come together to form a true community. There are so many chats, so much exercise, so much fun together. If it persists, this would mean continued interest for many long-term players, for whom the game is already stagnating, and certainly a great way to attract new players.

    Playrix states that one of the purpose of Township is to get people playing globally. For four weeks, players interact with a maximum of thirty people. During interseasonal, the number exponentially increases.
    Hopping during Interseasonal weeks made Township a very social game where many friendships were formed and looked forward to every month.
    The Interseasonal game you created was boring and frustrating. Even the main game is becoming boring.

    Surely we can make a compromise instead of making township uninteresting to so many people. Reduce prices if necessary, but do not take social interaction away.

    I add my voice to the comments above and urge you not to implement the changes being tested right now.

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    I truly hope that the "powers that be" are reading these posts here, as well as on facebook, and also the updated reviews in the app store/play store. There are some really good ones that reflect what most of us are thinking and feeling. I just want to add that I believe it is incorrect to assume that hoppers don't pay to play. I am a proud supporter that is not ashamed to admit that I buy tcash regularly, and especially when a good sale pops up, for a game that provides hours upon hours of entertainment and social interaction. I love having more control over my gaming experience by using cash where and when I want to. I don't think I'm alone when I say that hoppers love the game and they support it by buying tcash! If the developers fear a loss of revenue then I hope they are considering that if hopping goes then those hoppers are most likely leaving and taking their money with them. And then all that's left are the ones that have NEVER paid and probably never will! So why should the players who have never invested a dime have the most influence with the developers? Please listen to us and eliminate the time penalty that's in beta testing. Don't penalize your most loyal fans.

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    As a Hopper, I stand in agreement. Hopping is more than just getting rewards.. Hopping became a new way to play the game, connect with other members from other coops. How fun it's been to race against a team in a regatta to only realize you were racing against some friends you hop with! It helped make the game amazing and connected us in a way that normal game play doesn't allow. You're taking away more than just rewards. Limit our rewards.. That is fine. We still hopped.. We hopped more. But don't take away an aspect of the game, THOUSANDS enjoy. If you do.. You'll lose many!

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    Just a quick question to the mods - has this thread been brought to the attention of Anna Petrova? I know she probably doesn't have time to read everything that's written here, but if a thread brings up something important you sometimes flag it for her to read.

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