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Thread: Beta test time penalty

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    Just a word here to be absolutely clear; this change is in the current beta version of the game only, NOT yet in full release (and it may never make it that far).

    Ok, now y'all carry on...

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    I'm with everyone else speaking out against these changes. I love township and I absolutely love hopping. For me, it's not even about the rewards, as I usually spend more on tcash during hop week than any other time (not just a player here, I'm an actual customer). It's just so much fun to do something different with a game we love. I've met some pretty amazing people on this game because of hopping and I don't want that to end. I think developers could find a way to make hopping work for playrix, as well as the players who love it. Instead of doing away with it, why wouldn't you want to turn it into a win/ win situation? I'm not a "tech person", so I couldn't even begin to give you any ideas on how to start with that, but I know there are some rather bright people on your team who could make it happen. Please, PLEASE consider this BEFORE you go live with the changes. There are THOUSANDS who will love you for it!

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    Yes, please consider keeping hopping. Thank you

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    I completely agree with these posts. Hopping during Interseasonal weeks made Township a very social game where many friendships were formed and looked forward to every month.
    I urge you to reconsider applying time penalties even with a invitation, if implemented this will remove the social aspect of the game that sets it apart from all the other games we can play.
    We are your customers by choice and ask for you to be willing to work with us. All successful companies do take their customers feelings and ideas into consideration. I’m asking you to do the same.

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    I have almost nothing to add to what Marisa31 wrote. I've been playing township for over 2 years. That's a lot, I've never played a game in over a year. Why so long? Because of hopping. There are many farm simulation games. Many of them have some social functions, such as our co-ops. But none of them has such a community as appeared in Township when hopping started. Previously, I could only call some members of my co-op my friends. Now I have hundreds of friends from all over the world. With some of them we compete, but to compete with a friend is much nicer than with a stranger Every fifth week of the month we meet and do something together, all of us. I understand why you imposed penaltys on entering co-ops without an invitation before, and I do understand why you cut the rewards now, and I hope that the discontented who do not hop will now become less. But the process is still so unique and so social. This is so much fun. Please, don`t take it from us. Don`t ruin the community you`ve created. Stay unique.
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    I’m sure Playrix has done cost analyses, weighed the pros and cons, and perhaps has already decided to move forward on eliminating the BEST feature of the game for long-term players such as myself. I’ve played 3 years now, and most of the “improvements made to the game along the way seem bent on putting more money into Playrix’s (deep) pockets. Of course, Playrix is a business, but there’s also a limit as to how much can be demanded of us as players, and if hopping is taken away, I fear it may be the end for me. Hoppers have promoted the game more than ever before. The phenomenon has spread like wildfire, mostly because of a sense of community. To put an “End to Hopping” as we know it will be devastating to so many. Go ahead. Keep the slashed rewards, exploit hopping in some fashion if you must, charge a fee or whatever. But don’t take away the incredible joy hopping gives to so many of your (so far) loyal players. I add my voice to the comments above and urge you not to implement the changes being tested right now. If the decision is already made, then at least LET US KNOW.

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    There are a lot of great things being said by others, and I lend my support.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marisa31 View Post
    You didn’t stop though. Yesterday my baby town received beta version of your coming update, which left me absolutely gutted. You delivered a blow below belt. You increased the maximum time penalty for leaving a coop all the way to 24 hours (it starts with no penalty, then 30 minutes, 2 hours, and then the penalty increases at 2 hour increments until it reaches 24 hours); and what’s important, even if I get an invite to a coop, I can’t join until my penalty runs out. The invite button is grey, I can’t press it and get a message that I can only join another coop once my penalty runs out.
    I would also like to add that this penalty change would be devastating to me for non-hopping reasons. I raced with a group of people in regatta for a long time, but about 6 months ago, I had to switch to being a solo racer in order to make things work with my schedule. This can get lonely, but I made things fun again by asking friends in different coops to send me invites to their coop. Then, on the off day between regattas (Monday), I was free to accept their invite and join a friend's coop for part of the day to chat and share goods. I could bounce between a few coops, and then return to my home solo coop before the new race. Having that ability enhanced my enjoyment of this game. I know other friends (who raced in solo and bigger teams) would also do the same on the off day in order to visit different in game friends. If there are now penalties for joining a new coop even with an invite, this will greatly reduce or eliminate the ability to visit friends. I would think it would also lead to a lot of complaints from racers who might need to find a new coop on the off day, try to join (and then leave) a few to see if they fit in with that groups rules, and then find themselves with massive time penalties that will cause them to miss the next race even if they get an invitation to a coop before the race starts.

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    With the latest beta release, there are indications that Playrix intends to restrict hopping. Past inquiries resulted in the answer that hopping is not cheating. If it is not cheating, why the continual restrictions? Apparently,, Playrix is responding from complaints from those who do not like hopping.
    It is time to hear from the other side. I know of no other game where gameplay changes every fifth week. The game is played the same for four weeks and then, a totally different way to play the game is utilized. How awesome is that!
    Playrix states that one of the purpose of Township is to get people playing globally. For four weeks, players interact with a maximum of thirty people. During interseasonal, the number exponentially increases.
    If it is a matter of profit, then, yes, restrict the kind and amount of rewards earned during interseasonal, but allow hopping to continue.
    Be prepared for the deluge of communications you will receive supporting hopping.

    Phyllis Tate

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    Прислушайтесь пожалуйста к словам и просьбам игроков! Не отнимайте у нас прыжки Это действительно уникальная вещь, которая есть только в этой игре.

    [Transl: Please listen to the words and requests of your players! Do not take away our hops This is really unique, only in this game.]
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    What can I say, hopping is like going away for the week. Getting away from the coop. It was like it was a designed game with lots of skills and a whole community of people dedicated to it. Yes rewards were good but meeting different players from different communities was the best part of it.
    We looked forward to this game as it was fun. The Interseasonal game you created was boring and frustrating. Even the main game is becoming boring. You have to pay so much Tcash for a fast game or wait🤔and wait. I don't mind paying some Tcash but 700 in a week to get any fun out of the game is a lot. So the hopping brought us some relief. I buy Tcash from you also. I like a fast race.
    So you've destroyed hopping altogether then and that is sad. You had something unique that no other game has. We were shocked by our cut in rewards but still carried on with our cut and so you gained this time and would have gained next time but your going to take it one step further and put time delays in?
    I really don't know what else to say but you are not just dealing with a handful of people, you are dealing with a whole community of people who want hopping to stay, without time delays. I think personally cutting rewards to a third was more than enough but carry on. I have heard of people giving you bad reviews. It's a shame, you could have harnessed hopping and you would have got 5 star reviews for that. I repeat hopping is the best part of the game.

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