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Thread: Beta test time penalty

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marisa31 View Post
    Thank you for acting so promptly!

    Just to make sure we all understand each other correctly I’d like to highlight that hoppers need the ACCEPT invite button to be green and keep working while on penalty, just like it’s working at the moment. So please please leave the whole mechanics of changing and switching coops untouched. We will be very grateful for it. Thank you!
    I totally agree.

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    For those who may have missed this official response from our Playrix Admin a few days ago:

    Quote Originally Posted by Anna Petrova View Post
    Hi, everyone,

    Again, thanks a million for sharing your thoughts and suggestions!
    As customers you are our top priority in Playrix, and we value your happiness and satisfaction more than anything. Kindly note that we decided to NOT implement the time penalty feature in the update when it's released ������⛵

    Thank you greatly for playing the game and helping us make it even more awesome!


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